Pa en Seun - Pai & Filho

I stand here alone by your grave
And I wish so much you were still here
That we could just talk, and let go of our pride
And I could just be your father.

I wanted only the best for you
But those words were just never said
And here where you lie, my son, I do not know
The time was too little to start over (begin again)

Tell me what a father says to his son
In you I have found life
I love you, you are my child
You are my child

Tell me how a father becomes so alone
It feels as though you were my only son
The Lord lent you to me
Your words turn constantly in my head
There is so much a father would like to ask
But someday you must also be a dad, my child
And then you will understand everything

As a father who would give his life
With his tears that would push back the sea
But here where you lie, my son
I know the time was too little
And nothing makes sense any more
Tell me how a father talks to his son
In You
In you I found life
I love you, you’re my child
You’re my child.

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